Photo of Kathy and Selby Salukefrom Licorice Fern Studio

Fabric Collage by Kathy and Selby Saluke

Nature has been our greatest teacher. Spending time observing, listening, and being still in the natural world has taught us many lessons, and presented us with many gifts. Nature has taught us to seek beauty and to let that be our focus and the inspiration for our art. And just as everything in nature is connected, the colourful fabrics, threads, stitches, paints, and the various mediums and embellishments that we experiment with, all work in co-operation with one another. Together we present impressions of the beauty we find all around us.

Large hand-painted dragonfly on a lime-green and orange background silkscreened with metallic gold dragonflies.

Kathy and Selby have exhibited their work in the Sooke Fine Arts Show and the Sidney Fine Arts Show among others.

A promise of future poppies.

Their art work has found its way to a variety of homes, offices, and public spaces in Canada, the United States, and abroad.