Sea Life from Licorice Fern Studio

Purple and green textured stuffed sea star on a rocky background
Purple Sea Star
A series of nine starfish in colors of purple, orange, blue-greens, yellow, rusty reds, all with different textural techniques.
Starfish Series
A purple stuffed bat star with heavily stitched surface.
Purple Bat Star
Six sea otters with black leather feet reclining in a kelp bed eating clams, starfish, crab and sea urchin.
Briny Bistro
One large and two small bright orangey-yellow seahorses attached to coral on a blue-green-purple background.
Pacific Seahorses
19" x 29" - Sold
Individual barnacles created from expandable paint on fabric, painted with acrylic, shaded with oil stick, on a rock-like fabric.
16" x 20"