Fins and Feathers from Licorice Fern Studio

A great blue heron stands in the cold blue green waters on an ocean lagoon. His buddies join him all facing the same direction.
Neighborhood Watch
Rich gold, reds, and oranges of the sunset are the background for one raven bringing a message back to another.
A thread painted kingfisher sitting on a piece of greying driftwood. Raw silk background sky inked and painted in soft blues and mauves with a hint of rocks at the base.
11" x 14"
Three black oyster catchers with bright orangey-red beaks are standing in a bed of mussels and seaweed and one oyster.
So That's How You Do It
A blue and rust barn swallow mother feedsfour babies in a mud nest high up on some wooden rafters.
Swallow Babes
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