Commissioned Work by Kathy and Selby Saluke of Licorice Fern Studio

We accept commissions and a few examples of commissioned works are on display below. Fabric art from Licorice Fern Studio has been gifts at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, house-warmings, retirements, and ceremonies for the twinning of cities. We are happy to ship these works on behalf of our clients.

Olympic mountains in the background. Oyster catchers on rocks, harlequin ducks, and a sea otter in kelp.
Lyn & John's Window
Golden lab with blue collar, fern background.
A pond with lily-pads, seven frogs, bullrushes and dragonflies.
Frog Frolics
Coppery brown, gold, beige rockfish with dorsal spines erect on an underwater rock background.
Copper Rockfish
Womanhood blanket with Salish Owl by Chris Paul. Moon phases, mapple leaves depicting seasons and camas.
Sage's Blanket
Older woman in blue blouse typing bits of yarn to cedar branches for the bush tits to build their nests with.
Love Knots

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